CTM recognizes the most powerful and renewable resource in high-risk communities resides within the communities themselves – the web of people, relationships and institutions that sustain the life of the community.  The critical need is to recognize, network and train indigenous leaders to activate these resources in a way that is sustainable.    

Unfortunately, the leaders who are closest to the needs are often overlooked and overwhelmed.  They do not receive the encouragement or training they deserve.  As a result, high-risk communities are vulnerable to well-meaning but unsustainable solutions that are artificially imposed from the outside.  Solutions that are not owned and led by the communities themselves suffer along with the people.  They fail to experience transformation from the inside out.      

Therefore, CTM is committed to offering affordable and accessible training that inspires and equips indigenous leaders to be agents of transformation in the context of chronic poverty and violence.

“It takes grace to see grace.”
Karl Barth

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