CTM Internship

Center for Transforming Mission develops communities of grassroots leaders who serve high-risk youth and families in hard places. We are a scattered, organic group of urban leaders who serve in a variety of cultural contexts and speak several languages. We share the common call to love and serve the least with the Gospel of Jesus.


CTM provides internship opportunities in cities throughout North America, Latin America and Kenya. The goal is to provide learning experiences for young leaders to see, experience and reflect on God at work in a way that is mutually transformational.


 Short-term: 3 Months – 1 Year

 Description of Service


Interns are committed to serving with people at the margins in concrete ways. Interns will serve in a self-limiting way that supports local people and the work on the ground in an effort to honor their work and to minimize unhealthy dependencies or expectations. This service can take a variety of forms.

  • Direct service: based on individual site needs and self-identified gifts.
  • Networking: Work to broaden and deepen the CTM Network within each context.
  • Research Associates.
  • Special Media Projects

    Guiding questions to help inform what our action might look like.

    • Is the action and outcomes sustainable?
    • How has the west influenced it?
    • Does this action support leadership “from below”?
    • In which ways is it transformational?


Interns will reflect on their experience and how they see God at work throughout their stay. There will be guided reflections that are grounded in the realities of the people and places to which they are called to serve. Reflections will include:

  • A personal journal mapping your own pain, hope and discernment throughout the experience.
  • Participate in Street Psalms Intensives when possible
  • Identify and develop strategies to learn in community with others.
  • Participate in Roundtable/cohort groups when possible.
  • Contextual reading based on what you are learning in this context.
  • Written reflections through a newsletter, blog or participation in the Geography of Grace website. This includes finding ways to share what you are learning with CTM, your home community and the broader Street Psalms Community.
  • Identify and build relationships with local and home-based mentors who can guide and nurture spiritual formation and direction.


Interns will learn to pray with their “eyes open” mapping the geography of God’s grace in their own lives and the lives of those they serve. The mapping process includes three basic exercises that pay attention to the pain and the hope of a particular city/community as well as the heart of God. The three exercises include:

  • Mapping the Pain: e.g. “Moment of Blessing” – a public liturgy for victims of violent homicide.
  • Mapping the Hope: e.g. “Signs of Hope Tours” – Identify, visit and encourage key ministries/business/organizations that are signs of hope serving high-risk youth and families.
  • Mapping the Heart: e.g. “Prayer Table” - Participate in an open and inclusive table for leaders to pray for the city.

Other Considerations


Interns coming from North America are responsible for their own funding and may use CTM as a funding channel.

Room and Board

Interns will stay with host family whenever possible and contribute to costs of room and board.


All CTM interns are required to purchase trip insurance.

Weekly Schedule

Interns will work with host to develop a weekly schedule based on the outcomes above.

  • First month will engage heavily in Mapping Exercises
  • Attend variety of Churches (protestant, Orthodox, Pentecostal etc).
  • Attend weekly time of reflection with other leaders.
  • Create personal reading list and daily devotional
  • Enjoy the best of the culture – at least one day off a week
  • Direct service a minimum of three days a week.

Next Step

Fill out and return this Application:

Internship Application (MS Word Document)


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