Mobilizing and Nurturing Communities of Grassroots Leaders to see and celebrate Good News in Hard places.

We recognize the most powerful and renewable resource in high-risk communities resides within the communities themselves – the web of people, relationships and institutions that sustain the life of the community. The critical need is to recognize and network missional communities of grassroots leaders thereby activating resources in a way that is sustainable.    

Therefore, we are committed to mobilize and nurture communities of grassroots leaders with affordable and accessible theological training, spiritual formation and networking.  Such work seeks to inspire and equip local leaders to be agents of transformation in the context of chronic poverty and violence.  


Programs and Projects

We nurture and mobilize our missional communities through the following:

Theological and Spiritual Formation

Urban Mission Experience

Demonstration Projects 

Missional Communities 

North-South Relationships

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The Guatemalan Team

 Clockwise: Joel and Marilyn Van Dyke, Liz Herrera, Kim Hekman de Morán, Silvia de López and Joel Aguilar.

We are blessed by having an amazing team that serves in different capacities in the areas of networking, development, training, administration, logistics and operations.  Our office is located in zone 11 of Guatemala City.

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