Theological Formation

Street Palms Intensives is a three-year training series designed for grassroots leaders who serve in hard places. The overall message of the series explores what it means to sing God’s song in a strange land (Ps. 137). We employ a method we call “theology from below” in which we consider how to become messengers who teach and preach Good News among those who have been labeled the least, last, and lost. Each participant is invited into a transformational learning process that is highly challenging and deeply personal.

Each intensive is a 15 hour conversation facilitated by urban practitioners who are trained in the art of participatory learning.

We have developed short videos for each intensive, as well as one representing the whole Street Psalms series seen below. Check them out! Thanks to our friend Sam in Denver for his artistry and helping realize this vision!


Born From Below - The Word Made Flesh

We explore the meaning of the Incarnation among those who have been labeled the least. We consider the mission, messsage and methods of Jesus and what that means for the Church.

Missional Question: What is my image of Jesus and how does that shape the way I serve?

Trailers, Syllabus, flyer and more.



In But Not Of - Understanding The Grammar of God:

We consider mission in the global, urban and postmodern context from the perspective of "outsiders." We explore the boundry lines of faith and culture and the mission of the unbounded Spirit of Jesus.

Missional Question: What is the work of the Spirit in mission and how does that shape the way I serve?

Trailers, Syllabus, flyer and more.

The Scandal Of God - Loving the Least, Last and Lost:


We focus on the meaning of the Cross among those who have been crushed by life. This is a journey into the dark side of the faith, fueled by the Gospel of Hope in Christ.

Missional Question: How do we speak of God in the midsts of suffering?

Trailers, Syllabus, flyer and more.

Image is Everything - Finding God's Breath In Man’s Dust


We explore what it means to recognize and reclaim the image of God from the broken, fractured and sometimes destructive images that confront us. This intensive is a journey through the ministry of imagination with people who seek to understand and encounter Jesus as the One True Image.

Missional Question: What does it mean to bear the image of God and how does that call forth a ministry of imagination?

Trailers, Syllabus, flyer and more.

It’s A Family Affair - Redeeming Our Inheritance

We consider the complex world of the family and what it means for mission in the urban context. We look at the good the bad and the ugly of family systems and how they work. We consider the meaning(s) of Biblical “family”.

Missional Question: What does it mean for the Church to be the family of God in contexts where families are bruised and broken?

Trailers, Syllabus, flyer and more 

The City of Joy - Welcome To God’s Playground

We explore God’s heart for the city and how to live, laugh and love in hard places. Fueled by our hope in the New Jerusalem we discover how to live and serve in Babylon. This intensives ties together themes of the previous intensives and applies them to God's heart for the city.

Missional Question: How does the New Jerusalem of our faith impact the way we live and serve in Babylon?

Trailers, Syllabus, flyer and more.



Intensive Hosting

Street Psalms Intensive Nuts and Bolts

Commitment: Street Psalms Intensives are a three-year commitment. We offer two intensives a year for three years.

Organizational Host: The intensives require an organization or network who sees it as part of their mission to help nurture a network of grassroots leaders for a given community. As such they need to have the capacity to promote, organize, offer some follow up and help raise funds for the intensives.

Cohort Size: The ideal size of a cohort is between 25-50 participants.

Intensive Facilities Requirements:

1. Roundtables open – discussion format for 25-50 participants

2. Screen for data projector

3. Data Projector if available

4. Speakers – sound system

5. White board/Dry Erase Markers.

Food: Light/easy to prepare and serve/healthy food (expect $10 a head)

Lodging: Single rooms for facilitators at local modest hotel.

Flight: 1-2 flights Booked by Street Psalms.

Local Transportation: Provided by host.

Registration: All participants provide name, contact info and email…this provides a local database for the network and Street Psalms database.

Intensive Materials: Host is expected to make copies of intensive handouts for participants.

Promotion: Street Psalms provides flyers. The goal is to see an ecumenical, multicultural gathering of leaders serving high-risk populations.

Follow-up: Roundtable discussions.

Suggested Participant Fees: $25 per participant (North American Context).

Costs: This fee structure is based on the North American context and requires a host organization who works with Street Psalms to raise these funds.

Masters Degree Fees: Available on Masters Program Page.


Generic Schedule Options

Option # 1 Evening Intensives

This is designed so that volunteers and other professionals who work during the day can attend the intensives. Generally speaking, the evening format works best when trying gather a cross-section of the community.


  • Morning – Free
  • Lunch/Afternoon – A short “vision trip” Facilitators see context. It is important that facilitators get to see ministry contexts. It’s an important way we do “research.”
  • Late Afternoon - Prep
  • 6:00-9:30 Intensive (light dinner provided)


  • Morning - Free
  • Lunch with Masters Students (if any)
  • Facilitators have afternoon free for prep or vision trip.
  • 6:00 – 9:30 Intensive (light dinner provided)


  •  9:00 – 3:00 Intensive (coffee and light lunch provided)
  • Optional Dinner afterwards: This is a great way to just hang out and build community.

Follow Up: If there are masters students taking the intensives for credit there will need to be additional seat-time hours. This can be achieved by staying additional days or over follow up conference calls depending on what works best.


Option #2 Day Intensives

This is designed for participants who can make it during the day hours. It is a concentrated schedule that can even fit into the context of a retreat.

  • Wednesday Arrive: Facilitators Arrive – meet with hosts (see context)
  • Thursday: 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m: Intensive (dinner with Masters students)
  • Friday: 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.: Intensive (dinner with Masters students)
  • Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Masters Seat-time

Follow Up: If there are masters students taking the intensives for credit there will need to be additional seat-time hours. This can be achieved by staying additional days or over follow up conference calls depending on what works best.

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