Masters Program

Masters of Arts In Global Urban Mission

 A Partnership of CTM and Bakke Graduate University



Grassroots urban leaders serving high-risk youth and families in hard places.


Program Requirements:



Courses organized by CTM



Theological Core:  Street Psalms Intensives


  (601) Born From Below – The Word Made Flesh 3
(602) Scandal of God – Loving The Least, Last and Lost 3
(603) City of Joy – Welcome To God’s Playground 3
(604) In But Not Of – Understanding The Grammar of God 3
(605) Image is Everything – Finding God’s Breath In Humanity’s Dust 3
(606) It’s Family Affair – Redeeming Our Inheritance 3

BGU Courses



History and Vision


  (HST 601) Global Christian History 3
Vision Trip*
(PRM 606) Urban Field Experience (National) or 3
(MIS 605) Faith and Culture in a Pluralistic World (International)

Urban Studies Concentrations

Choose one from each category or up to three from one category. These courses can be taken as on-site courses, directed studies or independent studies with BGU faculty.  Each concentration equips the leader to seek the shalom of the city through…


  Relief:Equips the leader to offer direct service interventions for specific high-risk populations. 3
Development: Equips the leader to develop transformational organizations that serve high-risk communities. 3
Advocacy:  Equips the leader to advocate for systemic change on behalf the least. 3

Thesis (THS 650) or Philosophy of Ministry Project (THS 651):

See on line catalogue for detailed description



Total Credits:



Course Structure


  20 hours directed classroom or experiential instruction  
  Reading: 1,200 pages  
  Writing: 30-35 pages  


Cohort Model:  

The goal is to see cohorts of 12-15 participants going through the program together in a given city this includes both certificate and Masters participants.



Admission Requirements:

Students must apply to MAGUM through Once accepted students can enroll in CTM Intensives by contacting CTM directly.


  B.A. or Equivalent  
  Application Fee/Form  
  Faith Journey Essay (2-3 pages)  
  Two References  


MTS Cost

(As of 7/1/07 – subject to change)



CTM: Street Psalms Intensives:



Street Psalms $475 x 6




BGU Courses and Fees


  Application Fee $75
  Global Mission History $1,500
  Vision Trip $1,500
  Concentration $1,500 x 3
  Thesis/Project $1,500
  Technical Reader Fee $300
  Graduation Fee $750





Grand Total:


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