Sunday School Curriculum

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A Model Of Faith Formation

by Liz Herrera de Cabezas on 03-Nov-09 14:47

Throughout life, but most prominently as children, faith development happens, not through what we study about faith, but in and through “communities of desire” who shape the character of our faith. Therefore, the most powerful curriculum is a community who attends to the way faith development actually works.

Classroom Set-up

by Liz Herrera de Cabezas on 03-Nov-09 14:35

A list on how to keep simple the usage of the Sunday School Curriculum, and how to enhace the experience for you and the children.

Street Psalms Sunday School Overview

by Liz Herrera de Cabezas on 03-Nov-09 14:24

Our desire is that any child raised and nurtured in a church community to adulthood would be part of a community that deepens and affirms their identity in Christ, have the practical skills to love both the Word and the World and Have a faith that works in a global, urban, and post-modern context...

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